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“F*ck it! Let’s Pivot” brings the reader through a journey of life, business and pivots. Focusing on how to survive in this world takes more than “getting by.” It requires new skills, thinking outside the box. Using humour and anecdotes, readers will come away with a deeper understanding of what is happening in today’s digital marketplace, enjoy inspirations for new apps or businesses that solve other problems or create wealth opportunities all while pivoting in an every changing world.

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Michael Siervo

Who am I? For years I would ask myself the same question.

I grew up idolizing superheroes. I would read comic books, watch action movies, follow athletes who dominated their game. I admired qualities from imaginary people or larger than life celebrities that I would never meet. I thought if they could do it, why can’t I. Why can’tany of us?


My name is Michael Siervo. All my life I have believed that everyone has the capability to do amazing things and the possibility of making it happen. I rooted for the good guys in movies and felt pain when I saw people suffering on television. I struggled for years questioning everything from religion to humanity to the meaning of my existence

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