How Would You Spend $86,400 A Day

What’s going on everyone. Mike Siervo here. 

I read this analogy about time once. Imagine there is a bank that every morning deposits $86,400 into your account. And every day it happens over and over again. The only catch, according to this idea, is that you can’t save that particular deposit until the next day.

The $86,400 you get in the morning is gone in the evening. You can’t use any of it in advance and you can’t pile it up.

What would you do?  Would you think carefully about how you’d use it every day?

The thing is, we all have this account available to us— rather than dollars, it’s time we get to use it. We all have 86,400 seconds to spend every day, and at the end of the day, they’re gone.

Does that stress you out? Can you see the seconds blipping away? Well, the seconds will blip away. You can’t hold on to them, but you can use them wisely. And by “wisely,” I am not talking about producing stuff. Well, at least not all the time.

Perhaps you can change how you look at your life when you see it in seconds. Think about having this account with a limited time deposited every day. Does it make you think of living differently?

You see, you can’t live in the future; you can’t live in the past. You can only live in the present. So it’s crucial to use the seconds available to you right now.

Now, the secret is to invest your time wisely so that you get the best possible return in terms of health, happiness, and success.

How you do this is up to you. Here are some of the things you could do throughout your day to maximize this time:

  1. Look after yourself. whether it’d be by exercising, eating healthy, meditating, practicing yoga, having fun, or all of the above.
  2. Spend time with people who matter to you and those who build you up. When you have meetings at work that seem pointless, see if you can make them more effective or more meaningful.
  3. If you are in a job that doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy—a job that doesn’t sing to you, that isn’t your dream job—see if you can take some steps getting closer to your dream. Start now!
  4. Stop dwelling on the past; now, this is really a waste of time. Yes, learning from our past is a good thing, but don’t dwell on it.
  5. Think about this, If someone took $10 would you waste and throw away the other $86,390? NO. So if something upsets you don’t allow a small moment of negativity to deprive you of the other valuable seconds you have left.
  6. Become friends with the things that scare you. Invite the fearful moments and see how the scary stuff disappears, or you realize they weren’t that scary in the first place.
  7. Stop stressing or trying to be perfect all the time.
  8. Be you.

Think about the seconds every morning when you wake up and ask yourself: How will I use my time dollars today? The great Steve Jobs once said “If today was your last day on earth, would you be doing what you’re doing?”

Look, Time passes regardless of how you use it so Use your account wisely.

I hope this time that we spend was a worthwhile reminder. As always, I’m Michael Siervo. Sending you love and good vibes. Till next time. Stay Awesome.