Make Kindness A Habit

“If you follow my writing, I often write about kindness. Personally I think it’s cool. I once read a quote that said “If you can be anything in this world, be kind.” That really resonated with me. It doesn’t take much to not be an asshole. I encourage you to take it one step further and be cognizant about making kindness a habit. I heard an elderly lady tell her granddaughter once “Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.”  Wisdom like this really sticks to me. In a world where people are constantly fighting, this nugget of sage wisdom is more important than ever. Making kindness a habit and performing random acts of kindness to others is a great way for us to reconnect with humanity. It brings us in touch with each other and blesses us with the joy of giving without expecting anything in return. Do these things without having to broadcast it on social media or bring it up to a friend in conversation. Just do it anonymously without anyone knowing. 

I’m not saying that I am holier than thou. What I’m saying is that random acts can cause a ripple effect that impacts more than the person doing the act and the person receiving it. For instance, every week I go to my local coffee shop. I either go through the drive through or just wait in  line. When my turn comes to order, I place my order and buy a cup or two for the person behind me. I don’t look back to say “Hey buddy, I just bought you a coffee.” I just do it. I usually leave $5-20 or so to be able to buy a beverage for the person behind me. Sometimes I just tell the teller to use the money for whoever is behind me until it’s all gone. Often I’m about to leave the coffee shop when I hear the cashier say “don’t worry, the man who just left paid for your order.”  This is an example of a spontaneous random act of kindness. A gift to a stranger without any expectation of or demand for anything in return. I have seen it many times how it has impacted someone. Several times, the person comes running after me to say “Thank you. I really needed that. I’ve been having a rough day.”  Who knows who you are impacting. Perhaps that person who I just bought a coffee for was having a bad day and was ready to rage on whoever tipped them off. No, instead, that simple act of kindness reminded him that we are all human and that perhaps it’s better to be nicer today. Often this one act can spark a series of many random acts of kindness. The domino effect of positivity can be felt by many people. 

There isn’t a specific strategy as to how to do this. There’s no dollar amount or grand gesture to perform in order to do a random act of kindness. Just do what you can do. Do it from the heart and with pure intentions. I promise you that the $5 here or there won’t break your bank.  Instead it may make you richer in love, joy, and a sense of connection to your fellow man. If we can do this, I am certain that the world will be a better place for all of us.”

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