The Leap: How Faith Can Play a Role in Life and Business

Growing Up

As a kid I grew up enjoying the fun loving era of the 80’s. Colors were bright, cassette tapes were cool and diversity was celebrated with every United Colors of Benetton ad. In particular, up tempo music of the 80’s always kept a smile on my face. I remember songs like “Kokomo” by the Beach Boys and “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” by Wham. Songs were catchy as they are still etched into my mental playlist today.  Don’t believe me? Go to any karaoke bar and listen to the most popular songs sung. One such song that played over and over on my uncle’s mixtape was “Faith” by George Michael.  Fast forward to 2006 and this song would make its way back into my life.  2006 was a challenging year for me. I was a young business man who was going through some personal issues and still trying to figure out life. My girlfriend and I were on the shaky ground, my business ventures were barely surviving and my lines of credits were maxed out. I recall putting on a brave face at every networking event knowing full well that I needed a sale and I needed it fast.  I needed money but rejection after rejection, I didn’t know how much hope was left in my young fragile mind.  Seeking for an injection of positivity and maybe a miracle, I attended this conference that was meant to motivate financial advisors. The morning began with a crowded room of driven people. Suddenly the lights shut off and a music video flashes on the screen. All of a sudden a familiar sound blasts throughout the conference hall.  It was George Michael’s “Faith”.  Now the lyrics meant something else but the bottom line was that everyone in that room was reminded that “you gotta have faith, faith, faith.” In order to be successful you needed to have faith.  My mind set was ready to start believing again.


The Purpose-Driven Life

As the day went on, I met a gentleman named Chris. I knew nothing about him aside from the fact that he was successful and that he was a huge mountain of a man.  Standing 6’6” he easily towered over me.  I happened to be standing outside to get some fresh air during our break when we started making small talk. I don’t know what it was about him but for some reason his kind demeanor allowed me to open up. For the first time I took my brave face off and admitted to him that I was filled with fear, doubt and insecurity. After 10 minutes of spewing my soul to a complete stranger he did something that no one had ever done for me. He put his massive hand on my shoulder and started to pray for me. As if the power of God was speaking through him, I was overcome by feelings of hope as tears began to stream down my face.  Sadly I didn’t get Chris’s full name and never saw him again. However, a few days later our secretary informed me that a tall man dropped off a gift for me. It was a book by Rick Warren called “The Purpose Driven Life”. In it Chris inscribed some personal words of encouragement that I really needed at the time. I have included a picture of what he wrote to me below. I will never forget that moment as it was one of many times that I believe someone high above was looking out for me.


Faith and Purpose

Back to the present day. It’s now 13 years later and I have this book beside me as I write this article. I am reminded that not only do we need to have faith but we must have purpose in everything we do.  In our business and personal lives, it is our faith that keeps us pushing forward. I must admit that there have been times when I strayed from my belief in a higher power. However on countless occasions something or someone miraculously came into my life Whether it was to remind me that I am not alone, I am enough or I have a higher purpose in life, something beyond our world seemed to be looking out for me. But why believe in a higher power and what does it have anything to do with accomplishing your business goals?

Many believe big dreams come from a higher power. If this is the case, why not ask for some help on manifesting the purpose driven life we are meant to live.  The reality is that if you are reading this, there is a high probability that you have chosen to take a “Leap of Faith”.  You believe that you are destined for something more and have some faith that you can achieve it. Keep in mind that going into business on your own and venturing into the lonely world of uncertainty can drain even the most optimistic visionary.   To follow through on your vision while maintaining your sanity, you must have faith in your potential to build a plan, raise the resources, execute the plan and evolve with every obstacle. You must have faith that your plan will work and that the universe will conspire in your favor.

My friends believe that faith in God, who is above and beyond anyone’s individual capacity, can provide the balance of personal peace and positive business results. One of my favorite faith driven motivational speakers John C Maxwell would often make a correlation between success and God. In fact he cites in his book The Maxwell Leadership Bible “When you continue serving with faithfulness, humility, and right motives, you’re making room in your life for God to fulfill his purpose in you when the time is right.”

Faith is crucial and a vital part of being who you are meant to be. Below are 5 reasons why we must have faith.

  1.   Faith encourages us to dream bigger.  Who is bigger in this universe than its creator? Faith in God allows us to reflect and visualize what a purposeful venture can accomplish. Your business is meant to grow. Why not grow as big as you can.
  2.   Faith opens up our creative minds. There are many things in this universe that cannot be explained. We must use our creativity and an open mind. Similar to how God created everything around us, faith breeds creativity.  Tapping into the God mindset is the same mindset that created the giant 52,500 cubic feet sequoia tree in California or the superficial layer of skin that allows a Chameleon to change colors.
  3.   Faith helps you convey your purpose to others. Investors will not invest in you unless you show that you have faith in your vision. You must sell your passion. Having faith in God can make the process easier as it reminds you that you are worthy of the opportunity and that you are blessed with the ability to dream, execute and make your vision a reality.
  4.   Faith reminds us that we are not alone. The entrepreneurial journey is scary. Friends and family will often try to sway you away from the life of uncertainty to the steady pay cheque of employment. Having faith in God can help you carry through those difficult times. In times of darkness, God often sends someone or something to remind us that we are not alone. Statistics have shown that those with faith tend to be the most resilient and have a greater tolerance for positive risks.
  5.   Faith reminds us of our purpose. Money isn’t the only reason why you choose to do difficult things. Faith in God gives us a greater purpose. It reminds us of our “Why”. Perhaps your product can save lives, empower the community, protect a family from financial loss, or maybe the profit you earn can be used to support philanthropic efforts in developing worlds.  Whatever it is, faith in a greater purpose will help you answer the question “If not me, than who?”

I look back on my life today and remember the days when I had nothing. I remember when I almost lost hope and was down to my last few dollars. It was faith in my ability, my vision and my purpose that kept me going. Faith is simply seeing light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness. Sometimes all you need to do is take that leap of faith to get to the place you deserve to be!

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