Visualize Your Dream Into Reality

There’s a common phrase that “seeing is believing”. To a certain extent that’s true however I believe everyone who has created anything meaningful did the opposite. Believing is seeing. Everything we touch and feel in the physical world was created twice. First in the mind of the creator and second by the hands of the creator. This holds true in life. I truly believe that you can manifest almost anything into reality. As hokey as it sounds, thoughts can become things. This is the premise of The Law of Attraction. As Napoleon Hill once said, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.” 

Kobe Bryant imagined taking the game winning shot in his mind thousands of times. When the time came, he had seen it done. Connor McGregor visualized himself as a UFC Champion many years before he became the superstar he is today. Jim Carey imagined making $10M before he got paid $10M for Dumb and Dumber. Elon Musk sees humans colonizing Mars. I wouldn’t doubt him.

So if simply visualizing things into reality can manifest the life of our dreams, how come so many people don’t do it. For one, most people have little faith in what they are capable of and therefore allow doubt to control their thoughts. You can’t do anything you can’t picture yourself doing. Once the process of picturing yourself becomes conscious and deliberate, then and only then do you start to become the self you want to be. If you’re like me, it take a lot of energy and focus to truly visualize a clear outcome. To help you, here are 5 things to help you visualize your dreams into reality.

  1. Start with the right mindset. Clear the mind, go for a walk or listen to music that will put you in a positive mindset
  2.  Use all your senses. Don’t imagine seeing yourself on a TV screen. Instead immerse yourself in the experience as if you are really there.
  3. Feel the emotion of the vision. Visualization becomes 10 times more powerful when you feel it. Happy, funny, sexy, abundant…whatever it is just feel it.
  4. Use a vision board. If visualizing is difficult, focus on images on a vision board until those images can be easily recalled by your imagination
  5. Stretch the boundaries. It takes the same amount of energy to dream small as it is to dream big. Don’t be afraid to dream big!