Wrong Words To Say To Someone Who Needs Help

When someone is going through pain what most people say is that “I’m here if you need me.” That’s one of the worst things you can say to a person during that time. I know your intentions are good but that may not be the right thing to say at the time. You see when someone is going through physical, mental, emotional pain they may not be in the position to ask. Whether it’s physical destruction like a natural disaster that destroyed all their belongings, a pandemic that’s wipe out all of their savings or a massive heart break that destroyed their will to live, they are the ones stuck or worst sinking during that time and in most cases are not in any mental position to go and seek help. Most of the time people won’t ask for help due to shame or embarrassment. It’s only until it’s too late that they may seek help.

Instead I say be an ambassador of love and go out and find the people who need love the most. It should be our job to say “I’m going to call you.” instead of “call me if you need me.” or “come over to my place for dinner.” instead of “my house is always open if you need me.” They need you but they may not be able to come to you, you need to go to them because that’s what love does. Love will always find you. Until then sending you love and good vibes. Be Great