Ready. Set. R!se Podcast

We often take our life experiences for granted. However, your story is someone’s inspiration. Our worst days can be someone’s survival guide. In a world where hope and inspiration often get pushed aside by negative news, drama or mindless entertainment, there are people who continue to do amazing things. 

Oprah Winfrey once said “Every experience, you are alone painting your canvas, thought by thought, choice by choice.” 

I believe that real life superheroes walk among us. However they don’t wear capes or costumes. They are regular people who have chosen to do amazing things. Despite adversity, doubt and the sea of naysayers, these people choose to live life with passion and inspiration. 

How did they do it? Three steps: Ready. Set. RISE.  

  1. Get yourself mentally and physically READY.
  2. Put yourself in the right environment and SET yourself up for success.
  3. Find the courage and RISE to the challenge. 

Ready Set RISE stands for Real Individuals Sharing Excellence. This podcast is about their stories and the many concepts, ideas and tips I have learned along the way on how to crush it in life. Join me on my podcast and let’s rise together.

Ready. Set. SELL Podcast

Ready. Set. SELL is a weekly podcast about the art of selling and why everyone needs to know how to sell, even if it’s just themselves on a job interview. The best people in every industry understand this fundamental skill from successful businessmen who have made leading brands like Rolex what they are today to software developers from Adobe that helped design the first version of Photoshop for Mac OS X in 1988. Join me as ! shares an action packed 11 minutes full of information that will help you become better at selling whether you are pitching your business idea or trying to land one more customer during these tough times.

  • Ready. Set. SELL Podcast is an 11 minute podcast that can teach you some of the best skill sets needed in today’s society. With more jobs becoming freelance, traditional sales will only become more important for people to be equipped with these skillset. So next time you are looking for a job or out at your favorite store, get ready to sell!