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“F*ck it! Let’s Pivot” brings the reader through a journey of life, business, and pivots. Focusing on how to survive in this world takes more than “getting by”.

The book provides an understanding of life-long learning through narrative-driven stories about people who know how to pivot because they don’t have any options but themselves. The book ranges from interviews with startup founders and CEO’s; top tips from marketing experts on strategic planning; advice from individuals who are running multiple side hustles, crushing in on social media, and finding resilence during one of the darkest times in societies history, all will keeping their sense of humour intact.

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Nailed It!

In this book Michael goes into the art of public speaking and communication. With over 20 years of public speaking experience he shares strategies that helped him calm his nerves and avoid the uncomfortable feeling of sweaty palms and a dry throat.

He shares the wisdom of some of the best orators in history and identifies skills, tips and tricks to help you speak with confidence, own the stage and influence any audience. This book helps you walk away from any presentation, speech or conversation knowing that you NAILED IT!

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Ready. Set. Rise!

This book shares easy to execute routines that turn your day from being reactive to proactively manifesting success into a habit. This is a book that is practical, powerful and guaranteed to change your life!

Wake up, win the day and crush it in life!

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The Best Advice

The art of communicating is not only valuable but it is imperative in today’s world. Some of the best speakers are able to captivate an audience. Every speaker does things differently however every great speaker is an effective communicator. This short and simple booklet attempts to capture some public speaking tips from over 40 different speakers from North America. Along with famous names such as Bob Proctor, Raymond Aaron and Sharon Lechter.

Michael Siervo contributes some of his knowledge and wisdom on how to speak, connect and inspire an audience. With over 20 years of public speaking experience Michael shares some helpful tips as his contribution to this collection of advice for public speakers.