This book is dedicated to the brave entrepreneurs and business people who have taken the plunge to follow their dreams—and the supportive family, friends, and community along the journey. Your path is never easy, yet you show courage by acting with faith during times of adversity. Continue to have courage during difficult times. You got this.

– Michael Siervo, July 2021

This book includes examples, stories and experiences from real entrepreneurs on how they turned adversity into profit. I researched examples from well known corporations such as Amazon, Zoom, and Slack to local companies who have made a difference in their communities. At the end of each chapter includes the stories of some entrepreneurs directly from their mouth on “How I pivoted”


“This book is going to be extremely helpful for entrepreneurs, change is inevitable, and this book demonstrates how you can thrive during change while still being authentic to your vision. The pivot is within all of us, this book will remind you of that.”
Akeem Haynes
Olympic Champion, Author, Motivational Speaker
“Siervo's take on how to succeed in these current times is both relevant and a good road map on how to navigate and use modern tools to transform one's life. A good motivational jump start for anyone needing a turning point in today's economical and social landscape.”
Mikey Bustos
Singer, Entrepreneur, Youtube Sensation
“Michael’s book is a must read, not only for entrepreneurs, but for everyone just trying to navigate the constantly changing state of today’s world. Highly recommend it!”
Danaye Maier
Morning Show Personality, 98.5 Virgin Radio
“Michael’s modern literature was a compelling read. He ventures into the life struggles and success of the entrepreneurs who inspire him. Be it knowledge or entertainment this book is packed with wisdom.”
Kris Labelle
Entrepreneur, Comedian, Celebrity Chef, Podcaster
“The lessons Michael Siervo teaches entrepreneurs in this book shifts the mindset to always be in control regardless of a crisis. This entrepreneur’s guide is therapeutic, eye opening, and inspiring in the journey to success in business and life."
Neveen Dominic
CEO of Neveen Dominic Cosmetics & Canada’s Weight Loss Diva
“As someone who has had to pivot, Michael uses humour and stories to share practical knowledge on how to survive and pivot.”
Kenneth Kuca
Owner of Scalptech Inc.