Chapter 1


Michael’s description of this chapter:

This book is called F*ck It! Let’s Pivot: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving in a Crisis because there will be many times in your life where you are smacked in the face with a crisis and are forced to make some life-changing decisions. It’s going to happen, and it’s happening right now. You can either throw up your hands and give up, or find that inner courage and say, “Fuck it. Let’s pivot!” It’s that moment in poker when you push in all your chips and say, “To hell with it, I’m committing to this move and will live with the outcome.”

In this chapter I talk about the technical definition of a pivot in many aspects of life. Whether it’s in sports, business, career and dance step in ballroom dancing, the pivot is a way to adjust and adapt in order to improve ones situation. The chapter includes the following:

  • Let’s get technical: formal definition of pivot
  • Lesson 1: The devil is in the details
  • Lesson 2: mastering the pivot
  • Pivoting in Business
  • How I pivoted: Donny Wong, CEO and founder of BOOOST CBD and NOMAD Properties
Contributing Author:

Donny Wong

CEO & Founder of Booost CBD and Nomad Properties

Donny Wong is a consummate sales person. Whether it was highlighting the vibrant clubbing nightlife as the owner of OPUS, Calgary’s First Ultra Supper Clubs to being a co-founder of the luxurious rental company Nomad Properties, Donny consistently evolves. As an entrepreneur at heart Donny, learned hard core sales skills doing door to door sales in Toronto. He later moved back to Calgary to launch Booost CBD as a tribute to a friend who passed away from Cancer. He captured his journey from humble beginnings to where he is now in his podcast “Cashlettes” where he teaches listeners the art of money. Donny recently partner with Michael Siervo to sale their take on high ticket closing and the art of influence in their podcast “Ready, Set, SELL”. Donny’s evolution as a businessman, entrepreneur is obvious as he has mastered the art of the pivot.

Instagram: @takinlunchmoney