Chapter 16

This Won’t Be Your Last Crisis

Michael’s description of this chapter:

In this book, we’ve talked about the COVID-19 pandemic in detail. We highlighted specific stories of how businesses have pivoted in this environment. The reality is that this won’t be your last crisis. 

“Within crisis are the seeds of opportunity.”—Marilyn Monroe 

These are scary times for many, but the truth is that you have the choice to transform the current crisis, anxiety, fear, and doubt into growth, progress, and success. It’s all in your attitude and perspective. 

I remember working in downtown Toronto and being evacuated from our office tower. It was 9/11, and I was experiencing the idea of terrorism for the first time. I didn’t know what to think. I spoke to many of my colleagues in business, and the initial response was one of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. It’s no different than it is now, and it is no different than the next pandemic or crisis that will hit you. Knowing that you will go through adversity again, it only makes sense to use many of the strategies mentioned in this book along with the stories as inspiration that better days are ahead. 

This chapter focuses on nine simple strategies that will help you keep focus on opportunities rather than the crisis itself. Be creative, communicate frequently, have an open mind, and continue to approach the situation with a positive attitude when reading these strategies. It will help you navigate the days, weeks, months, and years ahead so that no crisis will ever throw you off course for too long.

Nine things you need to focus on during a crisis

  1. Focus on others: This isn’t only about you
  2. Focus on your opportunities: Forget the losses
  3. Focus on connections: Relationships are your biggest commodity
  4. Focus on value: Forget about closing the sale
  5. Focus on progress: Forget perfection
  6. Focus on gratitude: You are enough
  7. Focus on your reaction: Ignore the cause of the stress
  8. Focus on your potential: Your previous self is gone
  9. Focus on the now: The future isn’t certain
  • How I pivoted Nick Gemmel, CEO of the Pipe Dream Solution
  • How I pivoted Mark Hubbard, CEO of JeepDaddy Inc. and Custom Apparel Pros
Contributing Author:

Mark Hubbard

CEO of JeepDaddy Inc. and Custom Apparel Pros

After years of living the corporate grind Mark Hubbard knew there was more to life. As an executive in several technology companies, he took his interpersonal and sales skills to an industry he loved. Jeeps. Growing up, he loved the outdoors and the fresh breeze felt when off roading in his Jeep. Why not create a living while living like a nomad. Mark sold all his belongings in Calgary, Alberta Canada and moved to Denver. For the last few years he has lived under the open sky of the desert and has seen views that are impossible to see unless you had a jacked up Jeep to take you there.
He wanted to share his passion for the simpler lifestyle by hosting tours for celebrities, executives and anyone looking for a new experience.

Mark went all in and launched a company to share his passion to a massive Jeep community. From rolling into Las Vegas for Jeep Conferences to climbing 70 degree hills in the desert, Mark made a name for himself with his stunning images of Jeeps and the amazing owners who drove them. Jeep Daddy Inc. was born. Now with sponsorship deals, TV show offers and a growing brand, Mark lives his life behind the wheel and on his own terms.


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Contributing Author:

Nick Gemmell

CEO of the Pipe Dream Solution

Nick Gemmell has endured the ups and downs of life and continues to view it with hope and optimism. From a background in the trades he noticed an underserved market within the blue collar profession. Men couldn’t be vulnerable as the tough persona was often attached to the profession. Nick spoke the language of the people he served and went down the road of personal development, podcasting, mentoring and coaching men like him. He continues to explore new business ventures that can help hard working men increase their income through side ventures while maintaining the mindset of positivity and hope.

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