Chapter 17


I remember nursing a massive hangover in Mexico many years ago. I was still reeling from a bad break up and found comfort in late night booze filled benders. The following hangover was a wake up call. It wasn’t because I sobered up, but it was an experience I had with a humble waiter the following day. I accidentally gave him a $10 tip thinking I gave him $5. His face lit up with appreciation. Just then I realized that life would hit you hard at some point in time. However, when you appreciate the little things that you have, you will realize that you have enough. It was then that my brother Dave and I ventured into our first business. To be honest, I’ve failed so many times in business that pivoting came naturally. I learned. I grew. I became more confident.  This chapter is about realizing that whatever you are going through won’t be the last crisis you will face. How you choose to pick yourself up from it is what is important. It is about the person you decide to become because of the crisis, not how you define yourself during the crisis. Thank you for reading this book. I pray that whatever struggle, stress, and adversity you face is simply a stepping stone to the awesome person you are meant to become. Please reach out to me. I will personally respond to every message. I may be late responding, and I get a lot of messages. However, if it’s important for you to reach out to me, then it’s important for me to reach out in return! I hope to see you soon.
Think Big. Be Brave. Live Bold.
Sending you Love.
Your Friend, Michael Siervo