Chapter 3

Never Waste a Good Crisis

Michael’s description of this chapter:

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” — Winston Churchill

 That famous line was spoken by Winston Churchill in the 1940s. There is some speculation that Churchill said it in his meeting with Stalin and Roosevelt that first brought up the formation of the United Nations, but there is no actual confirmation of that other than it sounds like something Churchill would say. A similar quote was used by Rahm Emanuel, and the thought was also in Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. When Rahm Emanuel used the quote, he took it one step further to explain what he meant: “Never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that is that you have an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” I love Rahm’s comment, as it makes absolute sense, especially during this crisis. The reality is that the comments from Winston Churchill and Rahm Emanuel both essentially mean that in a crisis, there is opportunity.

In this chapter I go through some facts about how this pandemic has impacted the world. I share some statistics on the economic impact felt around the world. Whether it is the increase in handgun sales to the 80% drop in airline travel. The impact is felt and will be felt for years to come. This chapter helps frame the current state of the world at the time of writing and how important it is to pivot and adjust accordingly.

  • How I pivoted: Valen Vergara, CEO of Activation Energy
  • How I pivoted: Nathan Newman, CEO and founder, UNTITLED Champagne Lounge and The Derrick Gin Mill
Contributing Author:

Nathan Newman

CEO & Founder of The Derrick Gin Mill and Untitled Champagne Lounge

Whether you are looking for a place to kick back after work or enjoy a lovely meal, Nathan Newman has
been the man in Calgary to help you. Known as one of the best hosts and restauranteurs in Calgary,
Nathan knows how to bring high end service and a touch of familiarity to every experience. As a long
time staple in the nightclub and restaurant business, Nathan started with his very successful nightclub
“Black Betty” in downtown Calgary. He later opened up Calgary’s first Gin Bar and later Calgary’s first
premier champagne lounge. He has been featured in countless publications and has been interviewed
for his business insight and acumen.


The Derrick is an affordable, locally sourced restaurant that features a food menu comprised of traditional classics, seductively smoked meats and a spirit menu with an emphasis on GIN, all paired within a cozy atmosphere that should make you feel right at home. Our entertainment will range blues-rock, old school hip-hop, rhythm and blues with occasional live music performances from local artists. The Derrick will be open for corporate lunch, a lively happy hour headlining the areas leading drink specials, dinner and Cocktails 5 nights a week. So, put your feet up or join the party, welcome to The Derrick!

When Alberta’s first oilfield sprang up along Sheep Creek in southwestern Alberta, oil patch communities “growed like topsy.” Since then Calgary has been a boom and bust city but has always conserved a romantically, nostalgic element of its late 1800’s early 1900’s, western charm. The Derrick looks to preserve that humble perception by creating a sanctuary for Calgary’s everyday oil-man and corporate community. A place to escape the daily hustle of the office and enjoy a well made drink and hearty food.

Instagram: @thederrickyyc

Facebook: derrickginmill

Twitter: TheDerrickYYC


Voted Number 50 on Canada’s 100 best bars in 2020

For those who prefer their drink on the rocks or two fingers high, UNTITLED has something special just for you: Artisanal Champagne-based cocktails. Using progressive techniques and carefully curated spirits, we’ve created a new beast that will rival even the tastiest old-fashioned.
While drinks are our focus, there’s something to be said for properly paired accompaniments. Our food menu accentuates the bubbly experience with bites as elegant as the champagne. Here, the Champagne world is your oyster — and you can order those too.
Centrally located on Stephen Avenue, the art deco style building adds nostalgia and romantic charm to our contemporary concept. Elegant décor, intimate lounge seating, low lighting, sparkling chandeliers, beautiful antiques and handpicked glassware allude to UNTITLED’S seductive vibe.

Address: 104, 620 8th Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P1G6

Telephone: 403-475-7226

Instagram: @untitledyyc

Facebook: untitledyyc

Contributing Author:

Valen Vergara

CEO of Activation Energy

Bestselling Author. Entrepreneur. Humanitarian. Investor. Mentor. Philanthropist. Senior Business Executive.

As seen on FOX, Influencive, NBC, CTV, Global, CBC News, CBS, The Huffington pos, Winnipeg Free Press and in the movie “The Game Changers.”

A Canadian entrepreneur that is taking the real estate industry by storm. He’s developed a top real estate educational organization in his hometown of Winnipeg called TeamMade Real Estate that organizes events and coaches interested parties in real-estate investing. Valen has also helped create the Young Entrepreneurs Society, which is arguably one of the top millennial entrepreneur networking groups currently online.

He focuses on acquisition, funding facilitation, and management of large-cap business transactions. Active in key industries such as angel investing, banking, energy, financing, infrastructure, mining, nonprofit, and real estate. Strategic objective is to joint venture with industry leaders through the growth and development of crucial assets and amenities which are considered vital for economic advancement.

Influential People Magazine: Valen Vergara

CEO Weekly: Team-Made Real Estate