Chapter 4

The Future Is Here … Time to Adapt

Michael’s description of this chapter:

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”.—Abraham Lincoln 

The future is an interesting concept. It is the time and space that is yet to happen and will happen immediately after the thing that just happened. With that concept in mind, it can almost feel as if we are trying to catch up and chase down the future. If we believe in the wise words of Abraham Lincoln, then there is no greater time in history to do it than now. 

The future is not something we enter; it is something we create. The amazing thing is that the pandemic puts a microscope on our actions, as we are more conscious than ever about how it will impact the future. What we post, what we say, what we buy, where we go, and who we associate with all play a role in shaping it. Now more than ever, data on our preferences, tastes, and biases are recorded digitally to shape a more catered approach to us. As humans, any crisis tends to be a wake-up call to a certain extent.

In the chapter I reference the advice of social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk, the increased importance of social media platforms such as Linkedin, and the decision on whether to pivot or not. Below are some of the major topics covered in this chapter.

  • To pivot or not to pivot?
  • Should I put my head down and keep grinding?
  • Should I shift directions and pivot?
  • Should I cut my losses and shut it down?
  • Deciding whether to pivot permanently
  • How I pivoted: Brian Morales, Business Development Executive at Nimbly Market
  • How I pivoted: Daria Venkova, CEO and Head Business Consultant at Purley A&D Consulting
Contributing Author:

Brian Morales

Business Development Executive at Nimbly Market

Brian Morales, the brand voice for Nimbly Market and a social entrepreneur since 2012, is passionate about destroying poverty with the global community. 

That has led Brian to speak on international stages and drawn the attention of national news, including CBC News, at the launch of Nimbly Market. 

In his free time, he enjoys spending a ludicrous amount on books. Sometimes he even reads them! 

Nimbly Market

Nimbly Market saves you from the need to commute, push trollies or search for parking lot spaces. No more long waits on the cashier queue and no more lifting shopping heavy bags. You can order exactly what you want, whenever you want with just a few clicks and have it all delivered to your doorstep.

We accommodate the needs of the people who do not find traditional shopping convenient because of different reasons. Shopping groceries online saves time, and energy. It’s also an environmentally friendly option.


Instagram: @NimblyMarket 

Facebook: Nimbly Market

Contributing Author:

Daria Venkova

CEO and Head Business Consultant at Purley A&D Consulting

Daria Venkova is an entrepreneur with a primary focus of biotech and life-science industry sectors. Half-way through completing her Masters in Biomedical Technologies, Daria took on a position at apoint-of-care diagnostic startup, Creative Protein Solutions which shortly after grew into a CEO position. During her time there, Daria raised half a million dollars in equity and grant funding, more than tripling the company’s valuation. Daria has also implemented a manufacturing strategy in the company and designed an operational plan for executing on-farm trials. After winning 1st place in the “150 Startups” pitch competition in 2019, Daria has received a scholarship to Tim Draper’s 5-
week entrepreneurship program in Silicon Valley, California where she has supplemented her education on how to run a business and raise funding, and widened her perspective on the start-up space.

In 2020, Daria has received University of Calgary’s Arch Award in the Early Achievement Category that acknowledged her notable work at Creative Protein Solutions not long after completing her Masters, along with her pursuit of her performing career as a singer songwriter. Daria started professionally writing and recording music at 15, and has been releasing music and performing locally ever since under her stage name, Daria Purley (

Arch Award:

With a realization that entrepreneurship in the healthcare sector is her calling,
Daria has started her own consulting practice, Purley A&D Consulting, to broaden the scope of work in the industry and apply a combination of her knowledge and talents in both biotech and business development. Daria helps companies in the pharmaceutical, health-tech and medical device space to commercialize their innovation by supporting their fundraising, regulatory approval and marketing efforts. Other areas of focus include agriculture, life sciences and food industries.
Learn more:

Purley A&D Consulting

Our team at Purley A&D Consulting is committed to providing practical solutions and strategic support to set you up for long-term success. Our expertise lies in biotechnology, agriculture, farming and life-science sectors. Whether you are at the ideation stage, stemming from an academic environment, or at the growth stage looking to scale and expand your business, we can help.

Leveraging our extended industry network and years of experience, we bring expertise in R&D and product development, IP strategy, marketing and sales, equity financing, strategic partnerships, legislative and legal advice, regulatory affairs, manufacturing and supply chain management.

Instagram: @dvenkova_