Chapter 8

The Entrepreneur Mindset

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  • Fail forward; fail often
  • How I pivoted: Danny Hagan, CEO of Magnolia Landscaping
  • How I pivoted: Alex Benedicto, CEO and founder of Beebop Doughnut
Contributing Author:

Alexander  Benedicto

CEO and founder of Beebop Doughnut

Alexander Benedicto is the co-founder of Beebop Doughnut Inc., a gourmet doughnut shop
that focuses on our customers and quality. Their made to order doughnuts stemmed out of
their commitment in serving the freshest products to our customers. Each visit to the store
should be an experience. From picking out your doughnuts, watching as your doughnuts are
crafted right in front of you, and to that look in your eyes as you open that signature purple and
white box full of tasty little treasures.

Alexander Benedicto is also a trained chef with over 20 years of experience and has won
multiple cooking competitions. He has also Alexander loves to travel with his family and
experience the local cultures. His love for both travel and cooking has lead him in creating
Beebop along side his wife and co-founder Paulyn Nario Benedicto. The long term goal is to
see a Beebop store in every country they visit.

Facebook: beebopdoughnutshop


Phone: 403 (497-5813)

Contributing Author:

Daniel Hagan

CEO of Magnolia Tree and Yard

The idea of growing something and making something special is behind the minds of every entrepreneur. Daniel Hagan took that literally as he is the CEO of Magnolia Tree and Yard. The constant entrepreneur, Daniel has tried different ventures to find the one that sparks his passion. Coming from an agricultural background, he grew up around heavy machinery, farms and the hard work ethic it took to nurture the land. 

After graduating from the Grant MacEwan University in Music, he traveled the world as a bass guitarist for some of the biggest country music stars in the world. After touring, Daniel pivoted into a different career path as he became a financial advisor. As a Certified Financial Analyst, he earned his CFA designation which is considered one of the most recognized and respected designations in the investment industry. 

After years in the financial services industry, the entrepreneurial side of him kept calling. He went back to his roots (literally) and became a crop advisor and horticulturist. He became the director of maintenance at VisionScapes where he helped people increase the square footage of their home by creating incredible outdoor living spaces. The spaces they created brought functionality to a yard 12 months of the year, not just those few days of summer. Some of his sites have included natural stone patios and walls, mahogany decks and screens, gas heaters and fireplaces, impressive water features, outdoor kitchens and bars, heated underground pools, custom stainless steel hot tubs, multiple plantings of trees and shrubs, and the list goes on.

In 2018, Danny took his entrepreneurial expertise, financial planning background,and landscape experience to start his own company, Magnolia Tree and Yard. To this day, Daniel has continued to provide beautiful landscape, which maximizes the space and utility of any property. He has created landscaping artistry in some of the most exclusive and high end homes in Calgary. 

Always an artist, during his spare time he is a professional photographer. He has captured moments and scenery that have been published in National Geographics.


Linkedin: Daniel Hagan

Email –

Phone – 4039756104