Chapter 9

“Me” Incorporated

Michael’s description of this chapter:

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”—Pablo Picasso

The key thing about pivoting is that you are unlocking a new side of you or a new perspective. Sure, the pandemic—or any crisis for that matter—is a great catalyst for change, but ultimately, if change is done successfully with long-term results, it starts with you. It’s really about unlocking your potential to go all-in with this pivot. If not, you might as well slap a band-aid to the hole in the ship and just wait for it to sink. You need to get into the right mindset and understand that just as Jay-Z said, you are the business.

In this chapter I lean on the wisdom of some of my favourite mentors, authors, celebrities and inspirations on how to view yourself as someone who can manifest and create your own business. In essence I talk about viewing yourself as the business and how you need to invest in yourself in order to grow your business.

  • The Future Belongs to the Competent
  • Take Charge of Your Income
  • The 7 Rs to Pivoting Your Career
  1. Rethinking 
  2. Re-evaluating 
  3. Reorganizing
  4. Restructuring 
  5. Re-engineering
  6. Reinventing 
  7. Refocusing
  • How I pivoted Andy Deonarine, President of CannSell and Managing Partner of Exodus Las Vegas
Contributing Author:

Andy Deonerine

President of CannSell and Managing Partner of Exodus Las Vegas

There are some people who become entrepreneurs and others who are born entrepreneurs. Andy Deonerine is the latter. From promoting nightclubs in downtown Toronto to owning some of the hottest spots in Ontario, Andy has always been able to adapt and hustle. After success in Toronto was achieved he explored life abroad in Mexico. His desire to replicate what he did in Toronto while enjoying the sun, made his vision attainable. After owning Blue Parrot, one of the hottest night clubs in Mexico and launching one of the largest Electronic Dance Music Festivals in the world, Andy decided to pivot once again and move back to Toronto.

Currently, he is the President of CannSell (, a Managing Partner of Exodus
Las Vegas ( and a Consultant for global events. He has spent the last 20+ years in industries targeting adults while navigating highly regulated environments in Canada, the USA, and the Caribbean. He fine-tuned these skills during a 5-year stint at British American Tobacco, where he assisted with brand communication through ever-changing legislation around packaging and advertising. Andy’s experience has allowed his to
become a trusted voice for regulatory-driven industries wishing to implement best-in-class
communication practices. He has supported global teams from brands like Bud Light, Gray Goose, Moet and Johnny Walker through large-scale events that force trial and drive sales through experiences that engage adults. All of this experience was a natural
transition into Cannabis as the world’s first G7 nation, Canada, legalized it for recreational and
medical purposes on October 17, 2018.

His role at CannSell, is to oversee the sole mandated training of all cannabis retail store employees in the province of Ontario, Canada. The goal is to create world-class cannabis trade events and even build a mock retail store to take on the road to organizations and train groups in person.

Andy continues to pivot and adjust as he pushes through the budding industry of Cannabis.


CannSell is owned and operated by Trapezium Group Ltd., a leader in cannabis education and training. As an advocate for safe, legal and reliable cannabis distribution, Trapezium Group’s goal is to educate retail employees and store owners across Canada on how to responsibly sell cannabis to create safer stores and communities.

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